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Welcome back to another guide to choosing the best POE 3.22 builds. In this guide, I’m bringing three high damage tank builds.

Boneshatter Juggernaut

Let’s start with Tank build of Boneshatter Juggernaut belonging to Marauder class. This build is perfect for melee lovers.

Boneshatter hits enemies so hard that it damages your own character, building up trauma stacks for each trauma. You will deal and take more damage. That’s why attack speed along with enough POE Items (like armor) is important. It stacks a lot of damage for you and takes damage.

To list the good things about this build, I’ll start with its survivability. Even though it does damage itself, this build has so much armor that it won’t feel anything. Now, you might think that this build has to sacrifice speed or boss damage. It’s not, it’s still pretty fast and can kill Guardians in just a few seconds.

Now listing the cons, the first thing that comes to my mind is that you need to pay attention to its accuracy. This is because we use Keystone Precise Technique. If your accuracy is higher than your life, it increased damage by 40%.

As for the budget, this build is cheap. You can let it destroy early endgame maps, and it only takes about 60 Chaos Orbs to advance to Yellow Maps. You only need to invest about 120 Chaos Orbs and 4 Divine Orbs to complete our Atlas.

Boneshatter creates a massive pulse of damage when it stuns an enemy. This means that a single bow can even kill entire groups of monsters. Beyond that, you’ll rack up a ton of attack speed, causing your Leap Slam to teleport you across the map. You can also use Berserker on the boss to rack up a lot of traumas and deal massive damage.

This build achieves almost 200,000 points of armor and over 83% of all elemental resistances. All this combines with Juggernaut Ascendancy, brings the character’s effective HP to almost 500000 points.

Poison Raging Spirits Guardian

Next up, we have a tank building for minion lovers, Poison Raging Spirits Guardian from Templar class. This build takes advantage of the plethora of Raging Spirits you can summon to stack massive amounts of poison on enemies.

Speaking of the pros of this build, then its boss damage is a must. Once built, you can kill even the biggest bosses in seconds. Its survivability is also amazing. Because we can have all the defensive layers of Guardians on top of an already very safe minion build.

Now listing the cons, I would argue that this build is not for everyone. Because you need to buy POE Currency to combine them together. Another problem is that Raging Spirits have a short duration, and you have to stop often to re-summon them.

As for the budget, this build requires at least 10 Divine Orbs to put together. There are also four mandatory unique items required for this build.

The first one is a United in Dream. It grants you Envy Aura, which deals a lot of chaos damage to minions. It also gives enemies a 60% chance to be poisoned on hit.

Second, we also need a Darkness Enthroned Belt with two Abyss Dual Sockets so we can poison minions.

Next we need a piece of Covenant armor to give our Raging Spirits a level 29 bonus Chaos damage support. This means we have more chaos damage.

Finally, we also need Ancient Skull Helmet, which gives our minions a tremendous damage and attack on speed boost.

Even though we have lots of fast minions that can destroy everything in seconds, they have a short duration and require constant regeneration. But its boss damage is excellent, and you can easily get over 30 million DPS, which is more than enough to wipe out every boss in the game.

As a minion, you are already out of danger. But with this plus Guardian Ascendancy’s many layers of defense, this gets you over 100000 effective HP.

Righteous Fire Juggernaut

Finally, the tank build we must mention is Righteous Fire Juggernaut from Marauder class. Here, you can use all of your tank abilities in Juggernaut Life Regeneration to take damage from Righteous Fire and make it through the endgame.

List the advantages of this release. I have to start with the comfort and smoothness of this game. Once you get this build that maintains Righteous Fire, you can start cleaning up the map. And because of the chief defense, it’s actually very difficult for you to die.

Now listing the cons, I’ll start off by saying the boss damage isn’t that great. But don’t worry, even if you don’t invest more POE Currency, you can easily kill the bosses on the map. But if you don’t invest in some Divine Orbs, you’ll take longer than usual to kill Guardians and Pinnacle bosses.

As for budget, you only need about 105 Chaos Orbs to destroy early game maps. But if you follow the crafting tips on the full guide, then you can easily upgrade to Yellow Maps. Also, I suggest you can invest about 4 Divine Orbs in this build, mostly for survivability.

For this build, you need two mandatory unique items. The first is Legacy of Fury boots, which scorch nearby enemies and cause them to explode with incredible speed.

We should note that these boots may be a little expensive during the first few days of POE 3.22 league. But don’t worry. You can play without them until the price drops.

Another mandatory unique is Immortal Flesh Belt. This one gives you a ton of Life Regeneration, and even a big armor buff.

As mentioned before, once this build is complete, you just have to walk and watch every enemy burn just because of your presence. This means you never have to stop casting spells and saves you a lot of farming time.

On the other hand, boss damage isn’t that great. Because you need enough investment to do decent DPS on Guardians and Pinnacle bosses. But this build can still easily kill bosses on a low budget.

As you can see on POB, this build gets over 100000 Armor and 2000 Life Regeneration per second. Includes over 87% resistance to all elements and over 50% chance to block spell damage. In addition, its effective HP exceeds 200,000.

That concludes your detailed guide to three tank builds that are also well worth trying in Path Of Exile 3.22. What do you guys think about these tank builds? Hope this guide helps you find a tank build that fits your play style.

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