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Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have evolved from merely digital assets to emerging payment options accepted globally. While crypto adoption continues to grow, some key industries have already integrated cryptocurrency payment processing. Let’s explore seven places where you can readily make payments using Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other digital coins.

7 Places Where You Make Payments with Cryptocurrency 

Cryptocurrencies have become the talk of the town and for all the right reasons. People who had little confidence in this payment method before are now regretting not investing in it earlier. The world is transforming, and using cryptocurrencies is becoming increasingly common due to their ease and convenience.

Many industries have already integrated the cryptocurrency option into their list of available banking methods. Here are seven places where you can use cryptocurrencies as a payment method without any hassle.

  1. Travel Bookings
  2. Online Casinos
  3. Paying for Food at Restaurants
  4. Shopping Online
  5. Charity Donations
  6. Paying Mortgage or Rent
  7. Buying Electronic Items

Travel Bookings

The global travel industry was among the early adopters of cryptocurrency payments. Online travel agencies like Expedia and Travala allow booking flights, hotels, and holiday packages using Bitcoin or supported altcoins.

Crypto payments offer travelers cheaper international money transfers and bypassing credit card foreign transaction fees. Travala has partnered with over 2 million hotels to accept crypto bookings.

By paying with cryptocurrency on platforms like CheapAir and Destinia, you can find substantial discounts of up to 10%. This encourages wider adoption of digital currencies for cross-border tourism spending.

Online Casinos 

Given their global customer bases, online casinos were another natural fit for cryptocurrency transactions. Sites like Cloudbet, mBit Casino, and 1xBit only accept cryptocurrencies as supported by their gaming licenses. You can find more online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies at

Players deposit using Bitcoin or other coins and enjoy lightning-fast withdrawals. Transaction fees are either zero or a small fraction of credit card processing charges. Cryptocurrency transactions are also appealing to online gamblers because they are secure and pseudonymous.

Leading traditional casinos have also opened crypto payment options through third-party processors. As regulations evolve, cryptocurrency is poised to dominate cashless gambling worldwide.


Using cryptocurrency to pay for meals and coffee is now possible at several outlets. Major food chains like Subway, Papa John’s Pizza, and Starbucks accept Bitcoin payments at select franchises or countries.

The partnership between Starbucks and Bakkt enables instant crypto payments converted to US dollars. Quick-service restaurants are also exploring crypto wallets integrated with loyalty programs.

E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce giants are steadily warming up to cryptocurrency payments to expand their global customer reach. Platforms like Newegg accept Bitcoin for electronics and appliances. Overstock’s success with crypto receipts encouraged others to follow suit.

Now, Rakuten and Shopify-powered stores also let merchants get paid in cryptocurrency. As such options develop, customers will have more reward points and cashback choices when shopping online with digital coins.

The rising popularity of non-custodial crypto payment protocols facilitates direct merchant settlements without intermediaries. Over time, cryptocurrency payments may challenge traditional online payment methods.

Charity Donations 

Several nonprofit organizations worldwide gladly accept Bitcoin and other digital currency donations. Some examples include the Wikipedia Foundation, American Red Cross, Gift of Life, and Code to Inspire.

Crypto gifts offer donors pseudonymity and tax receipt benefits. Plus, charities avoid credit card transaction fees when funds are received in cryptocurrency. As awareness of this eco-friendly alternative to cash handouts grows, more benefactors may donate using digital coins.

Crowdfunding initiatives have also successfully raised millions in Bitcoin and Ether for global causes like global warming solutions. With crypto poised to disrupt centralized finance, charity is also leveraging the technology’s philanthropic advantages.

Real Estate/Property 

A few real estate companies now let homeowners pay mortgages or rent in select cryptocurrencies. For example, properties in regions like Florida, Texas, and California can be purchased entirely with Bitcoin.

And international buyers from crypto-friendly nations sometimes negotiate all-crypto real estate deals. However, cryptocurrency rent receipts and mortgage settlements still require linking a bank account to stabilize transfers.

As digital currency price volatility tapers off with broader adoption, mainstream realtors may integrate crypto payment processing for assets everywhere. The cost savings over wire transfers could accelerate this shift in real property transactions.

Electronic Items 

Major electronics retailers are pioneers in accepting cryptocurrency payments at checkouts. Newegg, Microsoft, and Dell started early and paved the path for others like Overstock. Customers enjoy spending Bitcoin, Ethereum, or stablecoins to buy computers, laptops, mobiles, and accessories with no sales tax in certain jurisdictions.

Hardware manufacturers are also exploring direct crypto settlement options from vendors. This segment may become a significant merchant category in crypto payment volumes sooner than many expect.

Buy Crypto Today to Reap Its Benefits Tomorrow 

Don’t make the mistake many people did before and invest in crypto today. It’s more likely that the payments will be made electronically in the future as the technology evolves. It’s better to be an investor today than regret tomorrow. You can buy and use many crypto coins to pay for stuff online and offline. Get your hands on them before it’s too late!

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