8 Tips to Help You Gain Weight Fast: Not only diet to increase weight, take care of these things too

Weight Gain

Lifestyle For Weight Gain: To gain weight, it is important not only to diet but also to adopt a healthy lifestyle. To get fat, you need to do the right diet plan and exercise. In this way you can gain healthy weight. If you gain weight in the right way then your body becomes healthy and strong. If you are also troubled by your slim body and get sick again and again, then you need to take great care of these things.

Lifestyle to gain weight (Weight Gain Diet Plan)

1 – High Calorie – To gain weight, you need to take a high calorie diet. For this, you should include non-bran flour, bread, rice, potato, sweet potato, full cream milk in your diet. Eat curd, cottage cheese, semolina, jaggery, chocolate. Apart from this, eat fruits like banana, mango, chikoo, litchi, dates in fruits. You drink honey by adding home-made ghee, bread, butter, milk, honey or rose syrup or chocolate. The body will get high calories from them.
Weight Gain Tips: Not only diet to increase weight, take care of these things too

2 – Take a quick meal – You keep eating something or the other in between your two meals like you can eat home made laddus, milkshakes, boiled gram, paneer sandwich, sabudana kheer. Apart from this, you can also eat corn salad, dates, jaggery-gram, almond-raisin. This will give energy and weight will also increase.

3 – Healthy fat is important – To gain weight, you have to include fatty things in your diet. This will help you to gain weight. You can eat peanuts, sesame, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds, linseed seeds, melon seeds for this. For oil, you can use mustard, olive, sunflower, sesame, ghee or coconut oil.

Weight Gain Tips: Not only diet to increase weight, take care of these things too

4 – Fruits-vegetables – for weight gain To get fat, you can eat banana, mango, chikoo, litchi, grapes, custard apple, dates among the fruits. At the same time, you can eat things growing in the ground like potatoes, arbi, sweet potatoes and carrots in vegetables.

5 – Take high protein diet – Muscles also become weak due to weight loss, so you should eat high protein things to make the muscles strong. You must eat pulses, kidney beans, chickpeas, cowpea, fish, meat, curd and egg.

6 – Consume more energy – To gain weight, eat more than your daily energy intake. Try to take 300 to 400 more calories than your daily requirement. Which can help in increasing weight.

Weight Gain Tips: Not only diet to increase weight, take care of these things too

7 – Take small meals – To gain weight, instead of eating more in one go, take small meals. You may also have problems of indigestion or bloating by eating too much at once.

8 – Protein after exercise – To gain weight, you should take a full off protein diet after exercise. This helps in increasing the muscles. You can eat low fat paneer, boiled eggs or boiled chicken.

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