Afghanistan Crisis: After the occupation of Taliban, how many foreign nationals including India are trapped in Afghanistan?

The Taliban era is back in Afghanistan. In such a situation, there is an atmosphere of panic here. After being captured by the Taliban, millions of Afghan people are trying to save their lives by taking refuge in another country. There are thousands of people among them who are foreigners and are stuck here. Some countries including India, America, France, Britain, New Zealand have started calling their people by airlift.

According to the report, about 500 Indian officials and security related people are trapped in Afghanistan. Of these, about 300 people are residents of Dehradun. These are ex-soldiers who were posted in security at other places including the European, British Embassy there. Jaishankar and Doval have played an important role in the recent evacuation of about 190 Indian diplomats, officials and security personnel from Kabul. At the same time, America has recently decided to send 5000 soldiers to evacuate its people safely.

Afghanistan’s population
According to the report, the total number of Afghans is about 33 million i.e. 33 million. Of these, 3 million or 3 million people are living as Afghan civilian refugees. These people are from Pakistan and Iran. 99% of the population here is Muslim. Hindus, Jews and Christians come in only one percent. There are very few people who follow Hinduism in Afghanistan. Their number is estimated at some 1000.

In Afghanistan, 22 percent of the population is urban and the remaining 78 percent of the population lives in rural areas. The population of the country is expected to reach 82 million i.e. 82 million by the year 2050. The country’s maternal mortality rate is 396 deaths/100,000 live births and its infant mortality rate is 53.2 per 1000 births.

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