Afghanistan Crisis: Taliban benefited from spending US $ 83 billion in Afghanistan, read how

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Washington: Hardly anyone imagined that in 20 years, the Afghan security forces prepared and trained at a cost of US $ 83 billion would be completely uprooted in front of the Taliban so fast. In many cases, not even a single bullet was fired by the Afghan security forces. In such a situation, the question arises that who got the benefit of this huge investment of America, the answer is Taliban.

The Taliban not only captured political power in Afghanistan, but they also took possession of weapons, ammunition, helicopters etc. from America. The biggest gainer for the Taliban came when it gained access to fighter jets after capturing provincial capitals and military bases at astonishing speed. Within a week, he also got the control of Kabul.

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A US official confirmed on Monday that the Taliban had suddenly arrived in large quantities of weapons supplied by the US to Afghanistan. The official spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

“Money can’t buy you willpower and leadership”
Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s chief spokesman John Kirby said on Monday, ‘You can’t buy willpower with money. You can’t buy leadership. Doug Lute, a retired army lieutenant general who helped direct the strategy of the Afghan war during the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, said what the Afghan forces found was in tangible resources but they lacked important intangibles.

Chris Miller, who witnessed the war in Afghanistan in 2001, said, “If we hadn’t used hope as a measure of action… we would have understood that the prompt withdrawal of American forces sent a signal to the Afghan national forces that they should be released.” Used to be.” Miller was also acting Defense Secretary at the end of President Donald Trump’s term.

A professor at the Army War College’s Center for Strategic Studies wrote in 2015 about lessons learned from military failures of previous wars. He had kept the subtitle of his book – “Why the Afghan National Security Force will not survive.”

The effort to build the Afghan military was entirely dependent on American generosity, even as the Pentagon paid the salaries of Afghan soldiers. Sometimes this money and untold amounts of fuel would have been siphoned off by corrupt officials and government observers, who used to put the incoming dollars in their pockets by showing the presence of soldiers in the data.


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