Afghanistan crisis: US President orders to send 1000 more troops to Afghanistan, warns Taliban

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New York. The Taliban have captured almost every major city in Afghanistan. Now fears have increased that they may soon move to the country’s capital, Kabul, where millions of Afghans live. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has decided to send one thousand more troops to Afghanistan on Saturday. Now a total of 5000 American soldiers will be deployed there. With this deployment, America wants to safely evacuate such people from Afghanistan, who helped their soldiers in the last 20 years.

The biggest reason for sending thousands of American soldiers back to Afghanistan is the current situation there. The Taliban have captured several Afghan cities in a matter of days. Biden had set an August 31 deadline to withdraw his troops before the 20th anniversary of the attacks. In such a situation, questions are being raised whether America will be able to complete the withdrawal of troops within the deadline of August 31.

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Warning to Taliban
Meanwhile, Joe Biden has given a fresh warning to the Taliban. He has said that anyone who puts American personnel or their mission at risk will be given a befitting reply. Biden’s warning came after the Taliban captured Mazar-e-Sharif. It is being told that they are now marching fast towards the capital Kabul.

Mission to evacuate 30,000 people
On the other hand, the US Central Command said that more military personnel have arrived in Kabul to ensure the safe evacuation of US embassy staff and Afghan citizens who work for the US military. The Pentagon estimates it will need to evacuate about 30,000 people before it can complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan by August 31.

Ashraf Ghani’s message to the nation
Meanwhile, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has said that he will not let 20 years of “achievements” go to waste. He said “discussions” were going on amid the Taliban attack. He addressed the nation through television on Saturday. This is his first public remark since the Taliban seized key areas in recent days. The US continued peace talks between the government and the Taliban in Qatar this week and the international community has warned that a Taliban government established by force will not be accepted.


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