AIIMS Recruitment 2022: Applications not received for recruitment of doctors in AIIMS Delhi

AIIMS Delhi Recruitment 2022: Applications did not come for the recruitment of doctors in AIIMS Delhi, about one third of the posts from assistant professors to professors in AIIMS Delhi are vacant for a long time. AIIMS has also started the second recruitment process for the appointment of another 21 doctors to the post of assistant professors in 12 departments but applications have not been received for the appointment. Meanwhile, AIIMS RDA has suggested solutions to overcome the shortfall.

The Resident Doctors Association (RDA) of the hospital has written to the hospital administration, the Health Minister and the Prime Minister to intervene to improve the appointment process. AIIMS RDA has listed five points of improvement in the appointment in the letter.

It is written in the letter that in November last year, the process of permanent appointment of 252 Faculty level (Assistant Professor) doctors was started in 56 departments, which is still pending. Now posts have been removed again in seven of these departments. In such a situation, the doctors who have already applied for the appointment process are confused whether to apply again for the new appointment or not. RDA has said about five different shortcomings and improvements.

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