America’s flag was lowered from the embassy in Kabul, France is shifting the embassy at the airport

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Washington: A US State Department official said the US flag was taken down from the US embassy in Kabul amid the evacuation of its people from Afghanistan. Nearly all of the embassy officials have been airlifted to the city’s international airport, where thousands of Americans and others are waiting for the planes, the official said. The official said that the US flag is with one of the embassy officials.

Steps being taken for safe departure of people

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On Sunday night, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Pentagon said in a joint statement that they are taking steps for the safe departure of people from Kabul airport. It said that over the next two days, 6,000 US security personnel would be there and they would take over air traffic control. About 2,000 people with special visas have arrived in the US from Kabul in the past two weeks.

France shifting its embassy from Kabul to the airport
France, on the other hand, is currently shifting the French embassy in Kabul to Abu Dhabi airport to evacuate all its citizens from Afghanistan is.

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a statement on Sunday that troops and aircraft would be deployed to the United Arab Emirates in the coming hours. France has started the process of evacuating its citizens weeks ago and charter flights have also been started from mid-July.


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