‘Anupamaa’ Tv Show: These 5 big twists are yet to come in the show

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The story of Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer show ‘Anupamaa’ is no less than a roller coaster ride. As soon as the audience leaves one situation, the makers bring another intense situation to the show. Due to this ups and downs, the trend of people remains in the show. Vanraj Shah and Anuj Kapadia, who were at number one in the TRP list, have now fully recovered after the accident.

Ankush and Barkha may not have realized their mistake, but after Anuj’s recovery, they are also completely on the line. Things have turned very good between the Kapadia and the Shah family. Now that everything has been settled to a great extent, the makers have come up with many new twists that the audience will get to see.

1. Delivery of Kinjal
In Tuesday’s episode of Anupama, you will see that Kinjal will have pain during Ganesh Puja. The family will take him in the car and immediately rush to the hospital but his condition is not well. In such a situation, will there be any complications or will the normal delivery of Kinjal happen? This show will be seen soon.

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2. Summer’s Wedding
While Kinjal is about to be delivered in the Shah family, Baa has seen a girl for Samar. Baa says that till date no daughter-in-law has come in the house of her choice and this time she wants to bring daughter-in-law of her own choice. Now everyone knows how Baa’s choice will be. In such a situation, there may be an earthquake in Samar’s life.

3. Pakhi-More’s Love Story
He knows very well that if he wants to take control of Anupama, then Pakhi will have to do it in her favour. He wants to do her in his favor by emotionalizing her. Pakhi is still oblivious of More’s moves. It has to be seen whether Pakhi will come to know about her truth. Or both will get married.

4. Revenge of Barkha and Ankush
Barkha and Ankush know that this time they have no choice but to stay at the Kapadia Mansion. This is the reason why he has even apologized to Anupama by sitting on his knees with folded hands. So that they are allowed to stay in Kapadia House. But the revenge of both is yet to come.

5. Education of Little Anu
At one point of time, where Pakhi and little Anu were in the same school, there was a lot of spectacle, but now that sequence has completely disappeared. Where did the little Anu get admission? Is everything going well in school? Who goes to drop him off at school and pick him up? All these things can add more twist to the story.

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