Apple Retail Store: There may be a delay in the opening of Apple’s first retail store in the country, know what are the reasons

Apple Retail Store: Due to the Corona epidemic, the opening of the first retail store of the legendary American tech company Apple in India has not been done yet. iPhone maker Apple was about to open its first retail store in India this year in Mumbai. The company says that the opening of this retail store may be delayed due to the Corona epidemic. However, the company has not yet given any information about how long this store will open.

The focus of the Apple company regarding the iPhone is on the Indian market. After which the company has made preparations for the opening of its own official retail store here. Apple CEO Tim Cook has also been constantly talking about building his own base in India’s retail market. In order to increase the sales of iPhone in India, the company has also started its manufacturing unit in the country. In which the iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s are manufactured. Along with this, the new iPhone 12 is also being assembled here.

The company launched its online store in September 2020

Prior to this, in September last year, Apple launched its exclusive online store for India. Prior to this, customers were able to buy the company’s products only from official Apple resellers in the country. With this online store, Apple also made its upgrade program, support, and exclusive offers and deals more accessible to its customers.

Apple’s market is growing rapidly in India. According to Apple, sales of the company’s products have doubled till the second quarter of this year. According to Cook, the iPhone 11 and iPhone XR have become quite popular in India, which is a big reason for the company to open an online store here.

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