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Gynecomastia, also called “man boobs”, is an abnormal growth of the male breasts that can make a man feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, and low in self-esteem.  There are two kinds of gynecomastia, true gynecomastia, in which the glandular tissue gets bigger, and pseudogynecomastia, in which fat builds up in the chest area and makes the breast look bigger. 

Man Boobs or Gynecomastia is a condition that can be treated only with surgery known as gynecomastia surgery. 

Who is eligible to undergo gynecomastia surgery?

A man can choose gynecomastia surgery if he is:

  • People who are healthy and don’t have a disease that can kill them or stop them from getting better
  • People who don’t smoke or use drugs
  • Person with a healthy body and a normal weight
  • A problem when you wear tight t-shirts or play sports outside

Before choosing to undergo, talk to your doctor about the gynecomastia surgery cost to plan your treatment accordingly. 

Will there be any scars after the gynecomastia surgery?

Most men who want surgery for gynecomastia may be worried about where and how big the cut will be, as well as how visible the scar will be after the surgery. Depending on how bad each case is, gynecomastia surgery may need big incisions to remove a lot of extra breast tissue and fat. Some of the methods used to reduce the size of a man’s breasts are the same as those used to do the same thing to a woman’s breasts. 

Even though there is no surgery that can completely get rid of scars, the natural shape of a man’s chest helps hide gynecomastia scars for the best results. Liposuction may be a choice for men with small amounts of fat or breast tissue. It involves making small cuts in the skin, which are hard to see once they have healed.

What are the various factors that affect scarring?

It makes sense to worry about the size and appearance of scars. Every man who wants surgery for gynecomastia is afraid of getting scars, and this is especially true if they have grade IV breast tissue. Men don’t have as many options when it comes to covering up surgery scars as women do. 

Before you have surgery, you should know what will affect how bad your scars will be afterward. Among these things are:

How the condition is treated:

The cut that will heal the best is one that is clean. For instance, if you cut yourself in an accident, it will take longer for the wound to heal because of things like dirt, germs, etc. So, the tissues are hurt, which will leave a scar that looks bad. 

Surgery done in a controlled setting, on the other hand, is much safer and free from things like dirt and bacteria. So, the skin tissues that are cut won’t be harmed, and scarring will be minor.

How the incision is closed:

How the cut is closed has a big impact on whether or not it will heal completely. 

In some cases, the cuts are big enough to need stitches, but in other cases, stitches are not needed. When stitches are used to close a cut, the scar is usually bigger. There are also different kinds of stitches, which can also change the look of the scar. If the surgeon uses stitches that break down as the skin heals, there will be very little scars. 

To ensure a safe procedure visit the best gynecomastia surgeon to help you through the surgery.

Post surgery scar management:

The way you take care of your body will also affect how your scars from gynecomastia surgery look. It’s important to follow the post-surgery directions and care tips so that you don’t put too much pressure on your chest, which can break down the sutures. In addition, the surgeon will tell you to rub the scars or use silicone gel or sheets to help them fade as quickly as possible. 


This is something that you might not be able to change no matter what. Because of how their skin is made, some people’s skin likes to scar badly. Because of this, the scars get thick and ropey and start to come up through the skin.

If your facing man boobs issue, reach out to a gynecomastia surgery in Coimbatore to get rid of them surgically.

What are the tips that help in complete scar removal?

Don’t put stress on the area where the surgery was done until the wound has fully healed. When there is pressure across the line of the cut, more collagen will be made in that area, which will make the scar thick and raised. Because of this, it’s best to stay away from exercise and hard tasks for at least 6 to 8 weeks. 

For faster healing, you also need to eat right. If the body doesn’t get the right nutrients, it won’t be able to heal, and the scars will get bigger. 

Don’t smoke at all, because it cuts off the flow of new blood. Because of this, oxygen can’t get to the damaged cells, so healing is again slowed down. So, if you do it again, you risk making the scars bigger.

Are gynecomastia surgery scars an issue?

Few men may find the scars embarrassing, so maintain a proper routine after undergoing gynecomastia surgery to ensure the scars fade gradually over time. 

Important Takeaway:

If you’re worried about bruising after gynecomastia surgery, you should also know that the scars are worth it.  The doctor will tell you how big the scars will be and how you can help them heal faster so that they go away fully and you no longer have enlarged breasts. Visit a plastic surgeon in Coimbatore if you are looking to undergo 

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