‘Are you going to Cannes festival?’ Paparazzi asked Urfi Javed the question and got this answer

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Urfi Javed remains in the headlines a lot with her fashion. Sometimes she is also trolled but it is her specialty that she does not allow all this to make any difference to herself and does what she has to do. From celebrities to trolls who comment on their clothes, Urfi does not lag behind in answering them. This time Urfi was spotted at the Mumbai airport. Urfi is wearing a floral print blue color saree. With this she wore a revealing blouse. She is flaunting her back. He has made a hair pony.

Urfi seen at the airport

On seeing Urfi, a crowd of fans gathered to take a selfie with her. Urfi did not disappoint them and posed for photos with everyone. Urfi says that ‘I can never fall, be it sari or heels, I can never fall.’ At this time many stars are reaching the Cannes Film Festival. In such a situation, when Urfi was seen at the airport, the paparazzi asked her, ‘Are you going to the Cannes festival or not?’ Urfi said, ‘Do not invite me here to any festival, what will you call there.’

User comments

One user said, ‘Actually she is quite good. Only she always wants attention. Another user said, ‘She is called every day. I think she just goes to pose and comes back. Another said, ‘Thank you for supporting her. Some people unnecessarily abuse her simply because her clothing style is different. Media people have always supported him.

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