Army Chief Naravane said – The army became stronger while facing the ‘unstable’ situation on the borders

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Pune: Army Chief MM Naravane said on Friday that the Indian Army came out stronger in the face of challenges on the ‘volatile’ borders of the west and north during the Covid-19 pandemic. General Naravane said that he has always said that wars are not fought between two armies, but between two countries. His remarks came a day after the Indian Army said that the Indian and Chinese armies have completed the process of withdrawing their troops at the Gogra confrontation point in eastern Ladakh and restored the ground situation to the pre-standoff position. Have given.

Refrain from showing the officers of the armed forces on a pedestal
At the inauguration ceremony of the Golden Jubilee (1971–2021) of the Television Wing of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), General Naravane took the lead in reinforcing the core values, preserving the country’s diverse culture and inspiring it in times of crisis. Appreciated the role of cinema. However, the Chief of the Army Staff said that the officers of the Indian Armed Forces should be avoided to show up on a ‘pattern’.

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The army chief said, “I would like to say in a light-hearted manner… I have always found that Indian (armed forces) officers are shown in films in a casual manner. The father of a beautiful heroine is a bad colonel, who wears a silk gown and holds a whiskey bottle in one hand and a gun in the other. It really bothers me. I respect creative freedom. I feel that one should refrain from showing any community and character in a clichéd manner.

Increased instability on both the west and north borders during the pandemic
The Army Chief said that the country is passing through a challenging phase. “During the pandemic, instability increased on both the western and northern borders (citing the borders with Pakistan and China). However, facing these challenges, the Indian Army became stronger.


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