Ashwin told his pain, Told why during IPL The night sleep had flown away

Ashwin told his pain, Told why during IPL The night sleep had flown away

IPL 2021: The 14th season of the Indian Premier League was postponed in the first week of May due to the corona virus. But during this tournament which lasted for about 25 days, the players had to face a very difficult time. Delhi Capitals star spinner Ashwin has told that during the IPL his family had lost sleep during the night due to Corona cases.

Ashwin withdrew from the IPL after five matches after Corona’s case surfaced in the family. Ashwin’s entire family was hit by the Corona virus. Ashwin said, “Almost every member of my family was infected with Corona. Some of my cousins ​​were hospitalized.”

Ashwin has told that he was playing the match without sleeping. He said, “I could not sleep for at least eight-nine days. I was under a lot of stress due to not sleeping. I went to play the match without sleeping. After that I decided to go home with the decision to withdraw from the IPL. took.”

Ashwin was considering a comeback

Not only this, Ashwin was also finding his future in trouble. Ashwin said, “When I withdrew from the IPL, I was wondering whether I would be able to play cricket after this or not”.

However, Ashwin started contemplating a return to the IPL when the situation improved. Ashwin said, “I thought cricket would not be played for some time. When people started recovering in my house, I had thought about returning to the IPL but then the tournament was postponed.”

Let us know that R Ashwin is currently practicing with Team India for the tour of England in Mumbai. On June 2, the Indian team will leave for England to play the final of the World Test Championship.

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