Big relief for LPG customers! Cylinder can be filled from any distributor, this is the way

Big relief for LPG customers!  Cylinder can be filled from any distributor, this is the way

New Delhi: LPG Refill Booking Portability: The government has approved the portability of LPG refills. That is, now you will be able to get your LPG cylinder refilled from any distributor. Meaning if you are not happy with the existing LPG distributor of your oil marketing company, then you can choose another distributor instead. This issue was being discussed for a long time, now it has been approved.

Distributor will be able to change for LPG refill

On this decision from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, it has been said that LPG customers should be allowed to decide from which distributor they want to get LPG refilled. Customers will be able to select their “Delivery Distributor” from the list of distributors at their address under their Oil Marketing Company. As a pilot project, it will be launched in Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Gurgaon, Pune and Ranchi.

List of distributors will be available on the portal

When the customer opens the mobile app/customer portal and logs in to refill the LPG, he will see a complete list of delivery distributors along with a rating based on their performance. Which helps the customer to choose the best distributors. This will also put pressure on the distributors to improve their performance.

Bharat Gas –
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The owner can select any distributor from this list, which will be available in his area and will deliver the LPG refill. This will not only provide better service to the customers but will also start a healthy tradition among the distributors of providing good facilities to the customers, which will improve their ratings.

Online transfer facility on the portal itself

The facility of online transfer of LPG connection to other distributors serving in the same area has been provided to LPG customers through the web-portal of the respective oil marketing companies as well as their mobile app. Using their registered login, the customer can select the distributor of his OMC from the list of distributors serving in his area and can opt for porting of his LPG connection.

Distributor will be able to convince the customer

Source Distributor has the option to contact and persuade the customer, if the customer is convinced, he can withdraw the portability request within the stipulated time of 3 days otherwise the connection is automatically transferred to the target distributor . Hence, the customer can avail online portability to any other distributor of the same company operating in the same market without visiting the distributorship. This facility will be absolutely free. OMCs have successfully completed 55759 portability requests in May 2021.

Promotion of contactless transactions

Further, taking forward the Digital India mission, the Oil Marketing Companies under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas are continuously improving their facilities to provide a seamless digital experience to the customers. Contactless transactions have been encouraged in view of the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19. Oil companies have adopted several digital platforms to help customers book and pay LPG refills through the digital platform.

Apart from IVRS, SMS, WhatsApp, Portal and Mobile App, customers can also book gas from UMANG App. Apart from this, booking can also be done from Bharat Bill Pay System apps. Apart from this, customers can book and pay for gas from e-commerce websites Amazon and Paytm.

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