Bigg Boss 16: Soundarya Sharma does not like clean chest boys, Archana Gautam-Nimrit Kaur also did Girls Talk with Sajid Khan

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Bigg Boss 16 Update: The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 was a ruckus. Many interesting twists and turns were seen in the show. The show started with a tussle between Sreejita Dey and Archana Gautam. After this, Tina Dutta and Shaleen Bhanot were also seen fighting over a matter.

Meanwhile, Bigg Boss kept the captaincy task for the family members. For the captaincy task, Bigg Boss called the housemates to the living area and told that this time there will be only one captain in the house. For the last three weeks, 3 captains were being made in the house. Bigg Boss also told that the family members have to choose any 3 people from 5 people.

The housemates chose MC Steyn, Shiv Thackeray and Abdu Rojik on the basis of voting. While Archana Gautam and Sajid Khan were thrown out of the captaincy task. However, there was a debate between Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam on being out. On being asked by Bigg Boss, the family members revealed the names of 3 contenders for the captaincy. After this, Bigg Boss tells that the fans from outside will make any one of these three the captain through voting.

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Voting takes place in three rounds for captaincy. Shiva, Abdul and Stan present their respective sides in front of the fans from outside. After the first round of voting, the family members get involved in their respective household chores. During this, Sajid Khan asks the girls of the house whether they like boys with hair on their chest or not. Nimrit Kaur, Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma answer on this.

Nimrit Kaur-Soundarya Sharma told their choice
First of all, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia says that she likes boys with light hair on their chest. At the same time, Archana Gautam explains in great detail that she too likes such boys. She shakes hands and explains. On which Soundarya interrupts them. Then Soundarya also says that she also likes such boys. They don’t like clean chest boys.

Archana-Vikas fight, Shiva became the captain
Then the second round of voting takes place. After voting, there is a dirty fight between Archana Gautam and Vikas Manaktala in the kitchen. The fight is so fierce that Archana throws hot water on the stove and its splashes fall on Priyanka Chaudhary and Vikas. All the family members pacify the fight. After this the third round of voting takes place. In the last all the three rounds are counted, in which Shiv Thackeray wins. In this way Shiva becomes the captain of the house.

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