Bigg Boss 16: Tina Dutta supports MC Stan in the confession room, Shalin Bhatt decides to leave the house

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Salman Khan may not be seen in the latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ i.e. ‘Shukravar Ka Vaar’, but Bigg Boss put Shaleen Bhanot’s class, after which Shaleen decided to decided to move out of the house. Shaleen was called in the form of confession along with Tina Dutta and MC Stan and Bigg Boss told that the argument between both Stan and Shaleen was wrong. But Shaleen refused to listen to Bigg Boss and said that he wanted to voluntarily exit the show.

Shalin Bhanot told Bigg Boss that he feels insecure inside the show. After this he announced that he wanted to voluntarily exit the show. After this, Bigg Boss reminded Shalin about the term and condition of leaving the show and also mentioned the penalty for leaving the show voluntarily. Shalin also agreed.

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Shalin Bhanot said that he will take care of the fine. After this, Shalin immediately asks to leave the show, but Big Boss refuses and says that the final decision will be taken after the arrival of Salman Khan. Then he comes out of the confession room and Priyanka Chaudhary asks about the discussion in the room. Shalin tries to tell, but Bigg Boss interrupts and calls him to the confession room again.

Bigg Boss irritated with Priyanka Chaudhary
Priyanka Chowdhary again asks Shalin Bhanot. Shaleen again refuses. Bigg Boss gets irritated and announces himself that Shalin has decided to leave the house on her own free will. Let us tell you that in the last episode, Tina Dutta has a fracture in her leg, after which there is a fight between MC Stan and Shalin.

Tina supported MC Stan
However, Tina Dutta tried to stop MC Stan. But neither of them stopped and abused each other and also made some personal comments. The argument between the two escalated so much that other housemates had to intervene to prevent Stan and Shalin from physically hurting each other. Later, Tina also took a stand for MC Stan. Seeing this, Shalin broke down badly and expressed his desire to leave the house.

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