Bigg Boss 16 Update: Shiv Thackeray became the new captain of the house

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Bigg Boss 16 Latest Episode : In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16, the equation between the family members was seen changing. At the beginning of the episode, a small fight took place between Archana Gautam and Tina Dutta. Tina asks Archana to stay away from her medical prescription.

Tina said that not using pen and paper is one of the rules of the BB house. At the same time, Sumbul starts crying to Toqueer Khan when her father advises her to stay away from Shaleen Bhanot and Tina Dutta. Sajid became very aggressive during the captaincy task. At the same time, Shiv Thackeray has become the new captain of the house.

Sumbul Tauqeer Khan comes to the confessional room and talks to her father. His father’s health is bad. His father advised him to stay away from Tina and Shaleen. She cries and also agrees to follow her father’s advice. Later, Sumbul goes to Sajid Khan and asks him to change her room.

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Shiv Thackeray and Nimrit Ahluwalia talk about the relationship between Tina Dutta and Shaleen Bhanot during the captaincy task. Shiva says that he feels that Tina is changing her feelings for Shalin again and again. Nimrit said that during the fight both talk aggressively. Archana Gautam and Soundarya Sharma discussed Shaleen-Tina’s relationship.

Both say that Tina Dutta and Shaleen are fooling people with fake love to move ahead in the decent game. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task and asks Priyanka Chahar Chowdhary, Ankit Gupta and Archana Gautam to sit inside a big skull in turn and give instructions to the other team members. Priyanka asks Nimrit to do push-ups until she tells her to stop. Sajid let her do it easily, but Priyanka immediately objected.

Shiv and Abdu Rojik got this task
After this, Archana asked Shiva (Shiv Thakre) to drink salt in a pot. Sajid forbids Shiva to do so as it can prove to be dangerous. At the same time, Ankit asks Abdu to drink raw eggs, which he does. But when Ankit asked him to drink two liters of water in five minutes, Sajid refused to do so saying it was too dangerous.

Shiv Thackeray became the new captain of the house
After the task conducted among the housemates, Shaleen Bhanot, Tina Dutta and Soundarya Sharma get a chance to choose the captain of the house between Abdu Rozik and Shiv Thackeray, that too by mutual consent. At first, Soundarya and Tina agree to make Abdu the captain, but later they ask Shaleen and he disagrees. Supporting Shiv Thackeray, he said that he needs to be given a proper chance in the captaincy. Tina and Soundarya agree on this and choose Shiva as the captain.

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