Blood clotting caused by Oxford vaccine extremely dangerous and deadly: Study

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London. Cases of blood clotting due to the Oxford-AstraZeneca Anti-Covid-19 vaccine are rare but can be extremely dangerous and fatal. Top scientists have come to this conclusion in the study done for the first time in this regard.

The study team, led by Dr Sue Pavord from the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, analyzed post-vaccination immunization cases. The study, published in the ‘New England Journal of Medicine’, studied the first 220 cases of post-vaccination immune thrombocytopenia thrombosis (VITT) and found that VITT had a 22 percent mortality rate.

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In rare cases, clotting occurs
The risk of death increases if platelets are low and blood clots also become more. At the same time, after very low platelets and blood clot formation, this risk of bleeding increases to 73 percent. “It is important to emphasize that this type of reaction to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is very rare,” said Dr. Pavord.

Pavord said, ‘It may occur in one in 50,000 people who have been vaccinated under the age of 50 years. But our study has shown that it is dangerous when VITT develops. The risk of this in young and healthy people is very low but the death rate is very high. It is very fatal especially when there is low platelets and bleeding in the brain.

The vaccine is being produced in India under the name Covishield.
VITT is a thrombotic syndrome associated with anti-COVID-19 vaccination. The Oxford University vaccine is being produced in India under the name Covishield. The Committee on Blood Pathology has said that no new case of VITT has been reported for the last three to four weeks. This indicates that the decision of the United Kingdom’s Joint Committee on Immunization (JCVI) to provide an alternative vaccine to people under 40 years of age has played a significant role. Dr Pavord said, ‘VITT is a new syndrome and we are still working to find an effective treatment for it. The study will help in effective treatment.


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