Classified Military Satellite: Russia has launched its classified military satellite in space, may be equipped with anti-missile system

Russia’s Missile Warning System: Russia on Thursday successfully placed a classified military satellite into space orbit. The satellite is believed to be part of the Kremlin’s early warning anti-missile system. The Defense Ministry issued a statement saying, “On Thursday morning, a rocket named Soyuz took off for space from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome, a satellite launching port in northern Russia. This Soyuz rocket was carrying a classified payload. Giving information to a news agency, he said, this rocket was blown up at 0109 GMT to set up a military satellite in space orbit.

No more information than this has been shared by the Defense Ministry. According to Interfax, earlier Russia had launched the Tundra satellite in space in 2015, 2017 and 2019 respectively. Russian space experts described the satellite launch on Thursday as matching with the mission of other missions of the missile warning system launched earlier, named Kupol or Dome.

In 2019, Kupol was designed to detect the launch of ballistic missiles and track their landing sites. Still, very little information is available about its specified qualities. In 2018, the USA suspected Russia of making anti-satellite weapons. While issuing a statement, the US described these efforts of Russia as very ‘unusual behavior’ in space. Responding to this, Russia called these allegations ‘baseless allegations’.

Last week, Russia faced international criticism after testing a potential anti-satellite weapon in space caused a Debris Invet-like incident. Because of which the scientists present in the International Space Station had to take emergency shelter.

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