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Arranging the living room and matching all the accessories is a crucial factor that affects the appearance of the room. When choosing a coffee table, it is essential to pay attention to its size so that it can blend in seamlessly with the living room décor. What height should a coffee table be and why is this so important?

What height should a coffee table be?

Although it can seem very easy, there are a lot of mistakes that can be made when buying a coffee table. An ill-fitting table can make the room non-functional and the table itself impractical to use.

The optimum height for a coffee table is 30 – 50 centimetres. Of course, this dimension should ultimately depend on the height of the sofa or armchair. The table needs to be slightly lower than the seat, so the difference should be about 2.5-5 centimetres.

In addition to the height itself, the length and width of the tabletop also play an important part. The right fit will allow unrestricted movement around the room and easy access to the sofa or armchair.

Coffee table – not just a decorative item

A table for the living room should both complement the arrangement and be comfortable to use. The possibility of placing a cup of coffee or tea on the table is a huge convenience that affects the comfort of the living room. This allows you to fully relax and unwind without worrying that something will spill out or stain the sofa.

Also a small decoration can be placed on the table to additionally enhance the decor of your room. Completing an arrangement like this is a great idea if you like various kinds of accessories. Choosing furniture that complements the room is a good decision, as disregarding this factor could negatively affect the presentation of your living room.

What shape of the table should you choose?

There are all kinds of table shapes available for sale. The most common choices are round coffee tables or rectangular ones. In addition, the material from which such furniture is made also plays an important part.

The rectangular driftwood coffee table is of good quality, it guarantees long-term use and, above all, satisfaction. Making a wise and thoughtful decision will ensure that we love the table and that it is comfortable and functional to use.

It is worth adding that cheap coffee tables may have different designs, making them more attractive and much more appealing to customers. Whichever table you choose, you need to know what parameters are important and will make the purchase of this piece of furniture easier.

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