Corona havoc: Law student’s both lungs damaged, Sonu Sood will help in treatment

Two crore rupees will be spent on the treatment of the law student.

Indore. Corona epidemic has wreaked havoc on another family of Indore. Due to this disease of a young son of this family, the lungs have been completely damaged. The son is a law student. Lungs transplant is to be done which will cost two crore rupees. Now Sonu Sood has come forward as an angel for the treatment of this son too. Sonu Sood has taken the initiative to take him to Hyderabad for treatment.

Sarthak Gupta, who lives in Indore, is a law student. His age is only 25 years now. Corona has also caught this young student in its grip. His lungs are damaged. This law student is currently fighting a battle of life and death. The family is suffering due to this crisis on the son. Two crore rupees will be spent on the treatment. It is obvious from where did the family get such a huge amount. So the family appealed to the people of the city for help.

On ventilator since 7 days

Sarthak is currently admitted in Mohak Hospital. His CRP level has increased and the oxygen level is decreasing rapidly. He has also been treated in other hospitals of the city. But Sarthak’s condition is so critical that he has been kept on ventilator for 7 days. The father of this young man Nitin Gupta is an advocate by profession. The family has done whatever they can for their only son. Now in view of the huge expenditure on treatment, it is not possible for them to raise such amount.

Mama appealed for help

Desperate and disappointed from all sides, Sarthak’s maternal uncle also pleaded with film star Sonu Sood for help in his treatment. Sonu Sood is a personality who emerged in the country during the transition period of Corona, who helped every needy. It started with transporting migrant laborers to their homes during the lockdown. And now his work has become a campaign.

Waiting for air ambulance

Sarthak’s maternal uncle told that now he will be treated by Hyderabad doctor K Subba Reddy at Apollo Hospital Hyderabad. Sonu Sood will help in getting the treatment. Family, friends and all the people of the society are giving full help for Sarthak’s treatment. Chest physician Dr. Ravi Dosi, who was treating him, told that Sarthak’s lungs are damaged. Other organs are working smoothly. If done, it can be improved. An air ambulance has to come from Kolkata which will take her by air lift. But due to rain she is not able to come. Along with this, a team of doctors will also come, who can do Ekomo here if needed.

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