Corona Vaccination: After getting the vaccine, diabetes patients should take care of themselves like this, include these things in the diet

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Corona Vaccination: Since the beginning of corona, experts believe that corona can prove to be very dangerous for people suffering from diabetes. In such a situation, the patients of diabetes should get the corona vaccine as soon as possible.

Experts believe that vaccination has been the most effective solution so far in this war against the corona virus. According to doctors, even if infection occurs after getting the vaccine, it helps in protecting the patient from severe symptoms of corona. After vaccination, the chances of hospitalization are reduced by up to 70%.

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According to doctors, diabetic patients must get the corona vaccine and after getting the vaccine, some important things should be taken care of. After getting the vaccine, diabetic patients should follow such a diet routine so that their blood glucose level is controlled. Diet also help in keeping their immunity right.

Include these things in the diet
To get the corona vaccine, diabetic patients should try to take a balanced diet. If you are non-vegetarian then you can include fish, egg and chicken in your diet. Omega-3 is found in large quantities in fish, which helps in removing any inflammation present in the body. Egg and chicken helps in boosting your immunity. Along with this, you must also include turmeric in your diet. You can use turmeric mixed with milk.

Keep distance from these things
After corona vaccination, diabetic patients should ignore all these things by staying empty stomach for a few days, consuming alcohol, consuming too much tea or coffee. Do not apply any kind of ice pack wherever there is a needle in your arm.


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