Coronavirus Kerala: Kerala recorded the highest number of deaths per million per week in the country, read the figures

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Coronavirus Kerala: The highest number of cases of deadly corona virus in the country are now coming from the southern state of Kerala. Kerala accounts for 50 percent of the total daily cases reported in India. According to statistics, Kerala is reporting the highest number of deaths per million per week in the country. After this comes Maharashtra’s number.

Between July 25 and 31, Kerala reported 24 deaths per million per week, while Maharashtra ranks second with 12 deaths per week. At the same time, there were 9 deaths per million per week in Odisha. The great thing is that India’s average is about 2 deaths per million per week. The CFR rate in Kerala was 0.3 per cent on May 15 and it increased to 0.49 per cent by July 31. Kerala’s seven-day average daily growth rate in cases is 0.61 percent, while India’s is 0.13%.

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People were careless about proper conduct of Corona – Central Team

A central team that visited Kerala, in a report submitted to the Union Health Ministry, has said that the process of tracing those who came in contact with corona patients in the state has slowed down, home-quarantine guidelines are not being followed. And there has also been a decrease in the test that detects the infection. It has been told in the report that people are becoming more careless about proper corona conduct and the team has emphasized the need to increase vaccination.

22,414 new cases of corona registered in Kerala

On Wednesday, 22,414 new cases of corona were reported in Kerala, after which the total number of infected people in the state increased to 34,71,563. At the same time, after the death of 108 people, the death toll increased to 17,211. So far, a total of 32,77,788 people have become infection free in the state. At the same time, 1,76,048 patients are being treated.

Kerala government relaxes lockdown restrictions

The Kerala government has announced to relax the lockdown restrictions implemented in view of preventing the spread of corona. The government was facing criticism from opposition parties and businessmen for some time due to the long lockdown. According to the new guidelines, shops, markets, banks, offices, financial institutions, factories, industrial establishments, open tourist places and other establishments can function six days a week, from Monday to Saturday.


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