Coronavirus New Cases: China stirred up due to increase in new cases of corona, city sealed, action initiated against local leaders

Coronavirus New Cases: China sealed its city of Zhangjiajie on Wednesday after dozens of cases were reported across the country and is taking punitive action against local leaders of the city. It is noteworthy that after the epidemic occurred at the beginning of last year, the people of China were leading an almost virus-free life. However, there is a high alert in the country due to the outbreak of infection again from the international airport in the eastern city of Nanjing.

The infection spread from the airport has reached 17 provinces of the country. In China, 71 new cases of local infection came on Wednesday. Half of these cases have come in the coastal province of Jiangsu, whose capital is Nanjing. The first case of Kovid-19 came in Wuhan at the end of the year 2019 and a large-scale investigation here has shown that they are similar to the cases found in Jiangsu. These cases of infection are of the delta form of the virus, which is very contagious.

At the same time, the city of Zhangjiajie is also emerging as a center of transition, where the natural scenery inspired the film ‘Avatar’. In view of this, the administration ordered to seal the city on Sunday. After this, in the order issued on Tuesday, it was said that local residents or tourists can no longer leave the city and go out.

The Communist Party’s Disciplinary Committee for Local Government released a list of local officials whose actions had a “negative effect” on containing the pandemic and who would face punitive action. In the last one week, 19 cases of Kovid-19 have been reported in Zhangjiajie city. At the same time, there are three such infected in which there are no symptoms of infection and they will be counted separately. According to the Shanghai government newspaper, the infection spread to at least five provinces due to the cases in Zhangjiajie.

At the same time, 126 new cases came on Tuesday in Yangzhou, a city close to Nanjing. Last week, the administration announced a halt to the issuance of passports for travelers except for essential purposes, which National Immigration Administration officials reiterated in a press briefing on Wednesday.

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