Covid-19 India: Which variant of Corana virus is most deadly, Delta or Delta Plus?

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New Delhi. Recently, a death from Corona in Mumbai has scared everyone. A 63-year-old woman died of the Delta Plus variant of the coronavirus. So far, three people have lost their lives due to this variant across the country. Last month, in Raigad district of Maharashtra, a 69-year-old woman also died of this variant of Corona. Apart from this, an 80-year-old woman also lost her life in Ratnagiri. Therefore, amidst the fears of a third wave of corona across the country, the death of the Delta Plus variant has raised everyone’s concern.

The second wave of corona in India came from the delta variant. So far it has spread in 84 countries. Now the Delta Pulse variant, which originated from the mutants of Delta, is causing havoc everywhere. It has spread to 11 countries so far. Apart from this, this variant has been identified in three states – Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. The eyes of the scientist and the lab are currently on the Delta Pulse variant. Efforts are being made to find out whether Corona has the effect of the current vaccine on the Delta Plus variant or not.

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Is the Delta Plus variant more dangerous?
Delta Plus infection in India is currently low. The eyes of scientists are on the fact that in the coming days, these variants do not start catching people more rapidly. Since both AY.1 and AY.2 are descendants of delta, they are likely to share some properties of delta variants, such as transmissibility. Apart from this, the K417N mutation is present in the beta variant. It can dodge antibodies several times. According to the Government of India, the Delta Plus variant spreads rapidly. It attacks the cells of the lungs. The Delta Plus variant reportedly spreads around 60 percent faster than the Delta.

How Fast Does Delta Plus Spread Against Delta?
According to lab studies and genomic data, scientists are of the opinion that delta plus is not growing faster than delta variants. Even Delta Plus cases have been found in 12 states. According to INSACOG, a group of 28 laboratories, out of 45,000 samples from 12 states for the genome of the virus, 48 ​​such variants have been found that can spread rapidly through mutants.

What is the symptom?
According to top virologists in India, the major symptoms of the Delta Plus variant are- cough, Diarrhoea, fever, chest pain, shortness of breath, headache, skin rash, abdominal pain, nausea and loss of appetite.

How effective are the vaccines at combating Delta and Delta Plus?
Experts say that even a single dose of Covishield is more than 70% effective against delta variants in preventing serious illness and hospitalization. But as far as Delta Plus is concerned, the trends are not clear at the moment.


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