Covid-19: Surge in cases of re-infection in Kerala, Center said- review the vaccine dosage

A large number of corona re-infection cases have been reported in Pathanamthitta, Kerala. Cases of re-infection are being seen especially in those who have taken the dose of corona vaccine. The central government is also keeping an eye on the cases of re-infection in Kerala. In view of the increasing cases of corona in the state, the Center has asked the Kerala government to review the data from the state and reduce the gap between the Covid vaccine.

Recently the central team visited Kerala. On this visit, he found that 14,974 corona cases were reported in the district after the first dose of the vaccine, which is quite worrying, while 5,042 new cases were reported after the second dose of the vaccine. Covishild injection is being used more in this district.

Review continues in collaboration with the state

Sujit Singh, director of the National Center for Disease Control, said that we are doing this review together with the state. We need to know when a person became corona infected after the second dose of the vaccine and whether he had mild symptoms first or was admitted to the hospital. We are asking this information from different districts also.

At present, a large number of corona cases are being reported in Kerala, the government is also investigating the increased cases of corona through genome sequencing. So far 54% of the people in Kerala have been given the first dose of the vaccine. At the same time, 23% of the total population here have been given both doses of the vaccine.

However, even after getting both the doses of the vaccine, there are many cases of re-infection in the state. It is a matter of concern that due to the fast infection pace, the situation can get worse and a large number of cases can come to the fore.

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