COVID-19 Vaccination: These two districts of Uttarakhand are laggy in vaccination, sabotaging the campaign

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COVID-19 Vaccination: In Uttarakhand, even though the target has been set to vaccinate all people before December 31, but the districts of Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar are still lagging behind in applying the vaccine. In such a situation, these two districts can affect this goal. On which the health department needs special attention.

NS Ridwar, Udham Singh Nagar at the back

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In Uttarakhand, about 77 lakh people are to be vaccinated. Out of which 46 lakh 79 thousand 621 people have received the first dose of the vaccine so far. Whereas, 14 lakh 42 thousand 163 people have received both the doses. In the state, Bageshwar and Rudraprayag districts are leading in vaccination. The speed of these two districts is the best so far. Whereas, Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar are still behind. At present, four lakh vaccine doses are left in the state, while in view of the availability of the vaccine, work is being done towards the target of vaccinating one lakh people every day.

Vaccination target by 31st December

The target of the state government is that the vaccination should be completed in the entire state before December 31, 2021. But this will be possible only if the vaccine continues to be available from the center on time. Right now people are facing problems in registration due to lack of sufficient quantity of vaccine. Regarding this, the Health Minister says that after August 15, the registration is being abolished. Along with this, arrangements are also being made to vaccinate separately for differently-abled and old people.

Dependent on availability of vaccine

It can be said directly that, it depends on the availability of the vaccine, whether the government’s target will be fulfilled in the state or not. On the other hand, regarding vaccination, DG Health said that, if the vaccine continues to be received on time, the vaccine will be administered to all people before December 31.

Vaccination campaign in Uttarakhand has definitely picked up for a few days, but in Haridwar and Udham Singh Nagar districts, the pace of vaccine is slow. In such a situation, including these two districts, in such places where the vaccine is not available. Much attention is required. Only then the government will be able to achieve its target and the state of Uttarakhand will be fully vaccinated by December 31.


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