Delhi government got 1,27,420 doses of Covishield, people aged 18-44 will get the vaccine

New Delhi: There is an outcry in the country due to Corona virus. New cases of corona virus are coming out everyday. At the same time, the vaccine is being considered as the biggest weapon in the fight against Corona. Meanwhile, the vaccine has also been made available to the capital of the country, Delhi.

The Delhi government has received vaccine doses for people aged 18-44. Delhi government has received 1,27,420 doses of corona vaccine. All these doses are from Covishield. Apart from this, the Delhi government has also received the dose of covaxin.

Dose of covaxin

The Delhi government has got 20 thousand doses of covaxin for the people of 18-44 years. Earlier on June 6, 40,000 doses of Covaxin were received, due to which the vaccination of the youth was resumed at the Government Immunization Center. However, then only the second dose was given.

However, now with the availability of 1,27420 doses of Covishild, there will be a momentum in the vaccination in Delhi. With these doses, youth in Delhi will also be able to take the first dose free of cost from the government vaccination center.

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