Delhi Monsoon Update: Rain forecast for the next two days in Delhi, Yellow alert issued

New Delhi: Light to moderate rain will continue in the country’s capital Delhi for the next two days. The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for the next 48 hours. During this, there is a possibility of rain with strong wind. The maximum temperature on Thursday was recorded at 35.3 degrees Celsius, one degree above the season’s average. The minimum temperature at Safdarjung Observatory was recorded at 26.5 degrees Celsius, which is considered normal for this time of year.

During the monsoon in Delhi, four districts received heavy rainfall while three districts recorded excess rainfall. Only North East Delhi has received scanty rainfall since the monsoon season began on June 1 this year. It has received 149.9 mm of rain so far, whereas it receives 332.2 mm of rain in general. Overall, the capital has received 40 per cent ‘excess’ rain so far, according to the India Meteorological Department data. The capital has received 409.9 mm of rain as against the normal 293.4 mm.

Rain condition inĀ Delhi
Central Delhi, which is included in the list of districts with the least rainfall till July 11 across the country, has received 62 percent more rain. According to the data, so far 537.5 mm of rain has been recorded here, while it has been receiving an average of 332.2 mm of rain for a long time. North Delhi has recorded 596.8 mm of rain, which is 107 per cent more than normal. Similarly, New Delhi has received 468.4 mm of rain, which is 80 percent more than normal. North West Delhi has received 426.3 mm of rain, 70 percent above normal, while South West Delhi has received 465.8 mm of rain 56 percent above normal.

Delhi has recorded 34.8 mm of rain in June this year as against the normal rainfall of 65.5 mm. Similarly, in the month of July, 507.1 mm of rain was recorded in the capital, which is 141 percent from the normal average of 210.6 mm. This is the highest rainfall ever since July 2003.

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