‘Delta variant may make the world worse, will need a large number of ICU beds’

An American scientist says that due to the delta variant of Corona, the situation in the world may worsen further. Michael Osterom, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Minnesota, has said that the delta variant may show its more severe form now. According to Osterholm, a large number of ICU beds will be needed around the world.

In a conversation with CNN News, Ostholm has said – ‘This type of virus is very contagious. If you also want to avoid this virus, then it will find you. Eventually it will treat you by infecting you.

Actually, Osterholm was saying this in favor of Corona Vaccination. He says that the only way to protect against corona is vaccination. He said – If you want to avoid serious infection, then not only get yourself vaccinated but also encourage people.

People who are not getting vaccinated are putting themselves in danger
He said that people in America who are not getting vaccinations are putting themselves in danger. Let us inform that the Director General of the World Health Organization, TTedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has also recently warned about the Delta variant. He has said that the world is passing through a ‘very dangerous phase’ of the corona epidemic.

Delta’s mutant may be more contagious
After the delta variant, there is also concern and discussion around the world about the upcoming mutants of Corona. On this also Osterholm has said that there is a constant mutation in the corona virus. At this time, the Delta variant has surprised everyone with its infectious ability. If a new type emerges after mutating from the delta, it can certainly be extremely contagious and dangerous.

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