Diabetes Symptoms: Signs of increased blood sugar can be seen on the skin, recognize this way

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Symptoms of Diabetes: Diabetes has become such a problem that it is becoming very difficult to avoid in today’s lifestyle. Many people are falling prey to diabetes at a very young age. Diabetes affects your health in many ways. This has a bad effect on many other parts of the body. Diabetes causes heart problems. Diabetes is a major reason for the weakening of the eyes. Diabetes also affects the kidneys. Diabetes affects other organs as well as the skin. Therefore, you should identify diabetes in time. When the blood sugar increases in the body, many changes are seen on the skin. You need to know them, so let’s know.

Signs of Diabetes

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When the amount of blood sugar increases in the body, frequent urination starts. In diabetes, due to frequent toilet visits, there is a problem of dehydration in the body. This makes your skin dry. Apart from this, some signs also start showing in the skin before diabetes is diagnosed. By which you can understand that the level of blood sugar in the blood is increasing. These are called symptoms of pre-diabetes. In such a situation, after identifying the symptoms in time, you should start treatment, otherwise the problem may increase.

Dark Patch On Skin- Most of the diabetic patients start getting dark dark spots on the skin. Dark patches may form in your neck or underarm. You will feel like velvet on touching them. These are signs of pre-diabetes. In medical language it is called acanthosis nigricans. By this you can understand that the insulin in the blood has increased.

Red, yellow or brown spots on the skin Itching or pain on the skin is also a sign of diabetes. Many people start having pimples on the skin. Yellow, red or brown spots on your skin are all symptoms of pre-diabetes. This is called necrobiosis lipodica. If you see such signs, then get your sugar level checked immediately.

Delayed Wound Healing – Wounds do not heal for a long time when the amount of blood sugar in the body increases. Due to which the nerves can be damaged and there can also be problems in blood circulation. Due to nerve damage, it becomes difficult to heal the wounds on the skin. This type of problem is called diabetic ulcer. If you are also facing such problem then you should consult a doctor immediately.

Disclaimer: News Daily India does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult your doctor.


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