Even after giving lakhs and crores to the builder, it is in the rented house, if the flat is found, the registry was not done.

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Noida. “8-10 years ago we paid up to 90 per cent of the flats to the builders. But till date we have not got the flat. Despite having our own house, we are paying both rent and EMI by staying in a rented house. Builders turn the orders of the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP RERA). They ask for more money to complete the flat. “If we talk about ourselves, we have already paid the builder in full for the flat. The builder also gave possession, but even after 10 years have passed, we have not got the registry of the flat till date. Noida and Greater Noida Authority are also silent on this problem of ours.

It is worth mentioning that in Noida and Greater Noida, this story is not of any one or two families. In every society you will find victims of such arbitrariness of builders. Not only this, those who have their own flat and its registry, then there are situations of conflict with builders regarding electricity connection and maintenance charges.

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Builders are defying the orders of RERA too- Rafi Ahmed

Rafi Ahmed, General Secretary, Goodwill City Flat Owners, says, “Even after 10 years in our society, a structure has been erected in the name of the flat. Even after taking 95 percent money, we were dishonest. After going to RERA, justice was also received, so now the IRP appointed by RERA is asking for additional money. There are hundreds of people in our society who are forced to live in a rented house in front of their house. The condition is that even paying rent and paying the EMI of the bank.

Why is the authority not taking action against the builders – Nephroma

Noida Estate Flat Owners Men Association (NEFOMA) President Annu Khan says, “When any builder prepares his project, after the completion of the work and after clearing all the dues of the authority, he gets a completion certificate from the authority. Is. Only after this certificate, the builder can give possession of the flat to the buyers who booked the flat.

But many builders have given possession to the buyers without completion certificate. But the authority is also silent on such matters. Have also met the RERA chairman, but there is no relief from anywhere. During the Corona-Lockdown, even in the worst of trouble, such people could not sell their flat without the registry and left this world without their own treatment.


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