EXCLUSIVE | We will not stop here, have to change the color of medal in next Olympics: Manpreet Singh

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Manpreet Singh - India TV Hindi
Image Source : AP IMAGES Manpreet Singh

Although Indian athletes put up their best performance in Olympic history by winning 7 medals in Tokyo, the entire nation stood united in honor of their team when the hockey team finished the podium while winning the bronze medal. The Indian hockey team was successful in winning a medal in the Olympics after 41 years under the captaincy of Captain Manpreet Singh. On his return home with the medal, the entire hockey team received a warm welcome and captain Manpreet Singh was overwhelmed by this.

Indian hockey team captain Manpreet Singh, in a special conversation with India TV, expressed his gratitude for the love and respect received from the countrymen. At the same time, he asked the fans to continuously support the hockey team. Manpreet thanked the fans for all the love and said, “The fans showed us a lot of respect and love during the Olympics. Meanwhile, even when we lost 2 matches, the fans kept their love and support. That’s what I want to say. I hope to keep supporting us like this in future also and in the coming time our team will perform better.

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Continuous improvement in the team since 2012

Manpreet Singh told India TV, “It is a great feeling after winning the medal after 41 years. I was not even born when the last medal came. Finally we managed to win the bronze medal and are very happy with it. This was my 3rd Olympics and the first two Olympics were not so good for me.2012 London Olympics was very bad as we came back without a win.in 2016 we lost in the quarterfinals. but this time with medals Very happy to be back together.”

Manpreet Singh

Image Source : AP IMAGES – Manpreet Singh

Manpreet, who was the FIH Player of the Year, said about the continuous improvement in the Indian hockey team, “Our team has improved a lot since the bad phase of 2012. We started our game improvement from the 2014 Asian Games and won the gold medal. After that we were able to win the silver medal in the Commonwealth Games. Then in 2016 our team was able to capture the silver in the Champions Trophy. From there, the team has improved a lot.”

Eyes on changing the color of Olympic medal

When the Indian hockey team was trying to make it to the gold medal match at the Tokyo Olympics, Belgium defeated India 5-2 and broke the team’s dream of reaching the final. Something similar happened with the Indian team in the 2018 World Cup. At that time the hockey team had to face a 1-2 defeat in the hands of the Netherlands in a fork match. In such a situation, the top hockey teams of the world still remain a cause of concern for India. To this Manpreet said, “We will try to find out through video analysis where we have gone wrong and we don’t have to stop right now. Our strategy is just to keep moving forward. For the time being we have to work on the weaknesses of the team and come back.” The color of the medal in the upcoming Olympics has to be changed.”

The Indian hockey team made a stellar start at the Tokyo Olympics with two opening victories but the fans were dealt a big blow when the team suffered a 1-7 loss against Australia. After this defeat, everyone started feeling that Team India would not be able to do anything special in this tournament like the previous performance, but this defeat gave a new life to Team India and managed to get the third position. Regarding the change in the team after the loss to the Kangaroo team, Manpreet said, “After the loss to Australia, all the players were very disappointed. But when we did the video analysis, we realized that we have not played too badly. After that we Started focusing on the next matches. We had a lot in our hands at that time. The tournament was not over. It was just that if we win the next three matches, we will be second in the group.”

Responding to a question about the Indian hockey team’s target ahead, the captain said, “After the bronze medal ceremony, the team will regroup in the camp and focus on the areas where we can improve. We are not here.” Will stop. Our aim is to continuously improve and win as many medals as possible for the country.”


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