Famous Pop Singer-actress Olivia Newton John died at age 73

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Grammy Award Winner Olivia Newton John died at the age of 73. There is a wave of mourning among fans after the news of Olivia’s demise, which forced fans to dance with many chartbuster songs like ‘Physical’, and ‘You are the One That I want’. The actress, who had worked in a blockbuster film like ‘Grease’, was ill for a long time. Her husband John Easterling has given information about her death by writing a post on Instagram.

Olivia Newton John’s husband John Eastling shared a picture of her on Olivia’s Instagram and wrote, ‘Olivia Newton John (73) passed away this morning in South California, with family and friends at the last moment. We request everyone to please respect the privacy of the family during this difficult time.

Olivia was suffering from breast cancer

John Eastling further wrote, ‘Olivia was battling breast cancer for the last 30 years. Olivia used to run the Newton John Foundation Fund, which works on plant medicine medicine and cancer research. Olivia leaves behind husband John Easterling, daughter Chole Lattanzi, sister Sarah Newton John, brother Toby Newton John and nephews and nieces.

(Photo Credits: therealonj/Instagram)

Won 4 Grammy Awards

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Olivia Newton John was one of the world’s most popular entertainers from 1973-83. She has given 14 top 10 singles in her career only in the US. Olivia, who won the Grammy Award 4 times, became the winner of a talent show at the age of 16. ‘You are the One That I want’ was a very popular song of that era and it has sold more than 15 million copies.

I was fond of singing since childhood

Born on 26 September 1948 in Cambridge, England, Olivia shifted to Australia with her family at the age of 5. Olivia, who was fond of singing since childhood, returned to England after becoming the winner of a talent show. She was completely engrossed in the singing career. As soon as the news of Olivia’s death came, her fans around the world were disappointed. Praying for the peace of the departed soul on social media.

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