Gold Price Today, 16 April 2021: Today, 9 grams will be saved on 10 grams of gold, silver also becomes cheaper

Gold Price Today, 16 April 2021: Today, 9 grams will be saved on 10 grams of gold, silver also becomes cheaper

Gold, Silver Rate Update, 16 April 2021: Gold and silver have started growing rapidly. Gold has crossed Rs 47000 on MCX, while silver has also crossed Rs 68,000 per kg. Gold and silver have also become expensive in the bullion market. But today the prices are showing softening.

MCX Gold: On Thursday, the June futures of gold on MCX closed at Rs 47175, becoming expensive by Rs 560 per 10 grams. But today it is trading with a fall of more than 100 rupees. Prices are still above Rs 47000 per 10 grams. If you take a look at the gold business this whole week, then it is known that gold has become expensive by Rs 650 so far this week.

Gold trick this week

Day gold (MCX June futures)
Monday 46419/10 grams
Tuesday 46975/10 grams
Wednesday 46608/10 grams
Thursday 47175/10 grams
Friday 47070/10 grams (trading in progress)

Last week gold trick

Day gold (MCX June futures)
44598/10 Monday
Tuesday 45919/10 grams
Wednesday 46362/10 grams
Thursday 46838/10 grams
Friday 46593/10 grams

Gold is cheaper by around Rs 9200 from the highest level

Last year, due to the Corona crisis, people had invested heavily in gold, in August 2020, the price of 10 grams of gold on MCX reached the highest level of Rs 56191. Last year, gold gave a return of 43%. If compared to the highest level, gold has broken up to 25 percent, gold is trading at MCX level of Rs 47000 per 10 gram, which is still getting cheaper by about 9200 rupees.

MCX Silver: Silver also traded well on Thursday. In the last hours, silver futures on MCX closed at 68500 level showing good buying. Silver had also reached Rs 68785 per kg in intraday. But today the business has started with a slight sluggishness in the silver May futures. Silver is trading around 68400 with a weakness of 150 rupees.

Silver move this week

Day Silver (MCX – May Futures)
Monday 66128 / kg
Tuesday 67656 / Kg
Wednesday 67638 / kg
Thursday 68540 / kg
Friday 68400 / kg (Trading continued)

Silver move last week

Day Silver (MCX – May Futures)
Monday 64562 / kg
Tuesday 65897 / kg
Wednesday 66191 / kg
Thursday 67501 / kg
Friday 66983 / kg

Silver cheaper by Rs 11580 from its highest level

The highest level of silver is Rs 79,980 per kg. According to this, silver is also cheaper by 11580 rupees than its highest level. Today, May futures of silver are trading at Rs 68400 per kg.

Gold and silver in bullion market

According to the India Bullion and Jewelers Association ie IBJA, gold and silver have become expensive in the bullion market. Gold opened at Rs 46782 per 10 grams on Thursday in the bullion market, open after a day’s holiday, while on Tuesday, April 13, gold was sold at Rs 46506 per 10 grams. Similarly, silver was also sold in the bullion market at Rs 66903 per kg in the last session, yesterday it was priced at Rs 68021 per kg.

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