Good News! A new feature has come for those who send voice messages on WhatsApp, know how it will work

A new feature has arrived on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is bringing a feature for users, through which users will be able to listen to voice messages before sending them during chatting.

WhatsApp introduces new features for the customers every day, and now the chatting experience of the users is going to be even better. WhatsApp is bringing a feature for the users, through which users will be able to listen to the voice message before sending it while chatting. According to information received from WABetaInfo, the company is rolling out the new feature with WhatsApp beta version number for Android. It is believed that the stable version of this update will also be introduced soon for global users.

According to the report, the company was already developing this feature for iOS and now it is being prepared for the Android version as well. For information, let us tell you that the feature of reviewing voice messages was already present in WhatsApp.

After this feature available with the new update, users will be able to easily listen to the recorded message before sanding. WABetaInfo said that through this upcoming feature, users will be able to listen to the voice message by tapping the stop button. Where till now users get the option of cancel in WhatsApp, due to which the recorded message gets deleted directly without listening. At the same time, after the arrival of this feature, this button will become of stop instead of cancel. This feature will make it very easy for the user sending the voice message, and he can delete the message sent by mistake or the message sent by mistake.

How Play Back Feature Works

Earlier, the company had introduced a feature called Fast Playback. With this feature, users can set the speed of incoming voice messages to 1x, 1.5x or 2x. If you are a WhatsApp user and want to use the company’s new feature Fast Playback, then first you have to update your WhatsApp account. In this feature, you have to select 1.5x speed or 2x speed from default 1x setting. With its help, you can play the file at 5 % or 100% higher speed.

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