Good news: ICICI Lombard has given relief! Insurance policy claim will now be available on Telegram

New Delhi. Messaging is the new way of communication. Amidst the instant messaging trend started by platforms like WhatsApp, consumers have joined various platforms. One such platform is Telegram which has established a good position among the customers in recent times. The platform has been attracting millions of users in recent months, with one in four being Indians. Keeping this in mind, ICICI Lombard has become the first non-life insurer to launch self-service facilities on Telegram through its AI chatbot @ICICI_Lombard_Bot.

The Telegram chatbot provides convenient features to the customers such as registering a motor claim, tracking claim status, renewal of insurance policy, downloading policy documents, modifying policy details, etc.

These features will be available on WhatsApp
Simultaneously, ICICI Lombard has added several services to its existing repertoire of features on the WhatsApp platform. With the new services, customers will be able to get instant information related to claim status, resolution as well as upload documents for any claim initiated and initiate claim. With the introduction of these services the insurer has ensured easy accessibility and simple interaction with the customers. For example, to file a motor claim, the user simply needs to enter the vehicle registration number, date and time and location of the incident. Any customer can avail this service by starting a conversation on WhatsApp at 7738282666.

Know what the company said?
Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard says that there has been a significant change in customer interaction and service in the last few years. Today’s new age consumer demand is to get instant solutions and contactless solutions. At ICICI Lombard, we strive to be at the forefront of understanding the ever-increasing consumer requirements and offering innovative solutions accordingly. We are confident that this step will further empower our customers and ensure that they get the best of insurance experience.

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