Guru Jupiter is moving through Pisces, people of many zodiac signs will get wealth, there will be an increase in might, changes will be seen in the stock market.

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Jupiter is moving in its Pisces sign. Now he will be Margi on 23 November. Jyotishacharya Pt. Diwakar Tripathi Purvanchali, director of Utthan Astrology Institute, told that on Margashirsha Krishna Paksha Amavasya, on November 23, Jupiter will move in its own sign Pisces, stopping the movement of retrograde movement. Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. Jupiter will establish a positive (auspicious) effect on the pasture world while moving in a right direction.

Devguru Brihaspati transits in a zodiac with retrograde and directional motion for about 13 months. If this happens, there will be an increase in wealth, power, respect of the nation, positive changes in the educational system and business activities. Dev Guru Brihaspati will play a very important role in giving respect to the talents of the nation at the world level. India’s flag will be hoisted at the international level. Positive changes will be seen in the Indian stock market.

Aries : Increase in internal diseases, enemies, home, vehicle pleasure and travel expenses.

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Taurus : Increase in income, might and conjugal happiness. Good news from the child side.

Gemini : House, vehicle, wealth increase. Internal disease, increase in enemies.

Cancer: Positive change in luck. Strength, increase in morale. Good news from the child side.

Leo : Stomach, suffering from internal problem. Increase in money, expenses, house, land, vehicle.

Virgo : Marital happiness, improvement in love relations. Positive progress in personality. Increase in income, prestige.

Libra : Internal disease, suffering from enemies. Travel expenses, increase in wealth. Improvement in hard work and social status.

Scorpio : Increase in intellectual capacity, income, health and progress of children. Luck will be with you.

Sagittarius : Positive progress in the happiness of home, vehicle. Increase in respect and expenditure, improvement in morale.

Capricorn : Increase in might, fortune, wealth. Positive improvement in married life and love relations.

Aquarius : Expenses on new work in the family. Family responsibility, increase in respect. Relief from stomach problem.

Pisces : Increased morale, improved health, benefits in partnership. Good luck will happen.

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