Guru Vakri 2022: Guru is going to be retrograde after three, will rain happiness for these zodiac signs

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Guru is going to be retrograde after three. On July 29, Jupiter will be retrograde in Pisces. Actually, being retrograde and being path is very special in terms of planets and their effect in different zodiac signs. Jupiter came in Pisces in April and is now retrograde by staying in this zodiac.

If the planet Jupiter is in a good place in the horoscope, then understand that the person of that horoscope is very rich in luck. Various zodiac signs also benefit from the work of Jupiter. These people earn a name in the field from where many people fail. Let us now know which zodiac signs will be affected by the retrograde of this planet.


The retrograde of Jupiter will be very beneficial for the people of Taurus. For the people of this zodiac, the plans on which they were working for years, they will be completed. Apart from this, the people of this zodiac will get a chance to do some profitable deal, but for this it is necessary for you to be a connoisseur.


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Time is also very good for Cancer people. People of this zodiac will be inclined towards spirituality. Not only this, people of this zodiac will get success in this time.


Jupiter is also bringing a very special time for Virgo. The stuck work of the people of this zodiac will be completed and the worries related to food grains will end.

Scorpio Horoscope:

Guru is bringing very good news for the people of this zodiac, whose marriage was stuck for a long time, their marriage will be confirmed during this time. Apart from this, you will earn profit by focusing in some new work.


The retrograde of Jupiter is good for the people of this zodiac. There are chances of profit for Aquarius sign people. You will also get benefit from the blessings of your ancestors. Therefore, keep doing charity and charity etc.

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