Have you ever got a fake vaccine? World Health Organization (WHO) gave a big warning about Covishield

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Have you ever got a fake vaccine?  WHO warns against Coveshield - India TV
Image Source : PTI
Have you ever got a fake vaccine? WHO gave a big warning about Covishield

New Delhi: Vaccine is the most effective way to avoid the outbreak of corona epidemic. There is also a lot of effort to get the vaccine. But in the meantime, about the fake vaccine of Covishield. World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a warning. The World Health Organization said it had identified a fake version of Covishield. This information has been given in the BBC report. A WHO statement said that between July and August, authorities in India and Africa have confiscated the doses.

It also said that the vaccine maker Serum Institute of India has confirmed that the dose was fake. WHO warned that fake vaccines pose a serious threat to global public health. This called for their removal. Covishield is the Indian-made version of AstraZeneca’s vaccine and is by far the most widely used vaccine in India with over 486 million doses.

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Serum has helped millions of countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Covishield Vaccines were supplied – as part of deals made with various governments and the global COVAX scheme for poor countries. India, which is the second worst affected country in the world by Corona, aims to vaccinate all its people by the end of this year. About 13 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated since the start of the campaign in January.



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