Health Tips: Corona virus infection can affect mental health, know how to prevent

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Due to corona infection, a large number of people have been affected by it all over the world. Due to the continuous research on the corona virus, researchers have been able to answer many questions related to it. In the beginning, mainly corona infection was affecting our lungs completely. At the same time, now the corona virus can affect other parts of the body with equal intensity.

Exposure to the corona virus can cause long-term side effects that can affect your brain health as well. The revealed data shows that around 1 in 7 people diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus develop neurological side effects such as brain fog or memory loss.

How corona virus affects your brain

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Symptoms of brain diseases usually appear a few days after exposure to the virus. Problems related to the brain are different from person to person. Some people experience mild symptoms like memory loss, fatigue. Whereas people who have to deal with low oxygen for long periods of time may have more difficulties.

Practice Meditation

Practicing meditation is one of the most popular ways to calm your mind and increase concentration. One can help reduce stress and relax the body through meditation. It can also help lower blood pressure, boost antibodies, and lower blood sugar levels.

Sleep Peacefully at night

Your sleep and mental health are directly related to each other. So try to sleep peacefully at night. At the same time, try your best to follow this lifestyle even on weekends. Good sleep can affect our day-to-day thinking and memory.

Eat Healthy food

There are certain foods that can help increase your brain function and speed up the recovery process. Including leafy greens, fatty fish and berries in your diet can improve the health of blood vessels in the brain.

Keep yourself active in many activities

To strengthen the muscles of our body, we do strength training and cardio. Similarly, to strengthen your brain muscles, keep playing some brain games. Studies show that engaging in mentally challenging activities can rewire your brain cells and improve your concentration level.

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