Health Tips: There is danger of dengue fever in the rainy season, know the symptoms and home remedies for prevention

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Dengue Fever: Dengue, a mosquito-borne disease, is caused by the bite of a female mosquito during the day. Dengue patients have a high fever that lasts for several weeks. The important thing is that mosquito breeding takes place in clean water and not in dirty sewer water. It is impossible to eliminate them completely because they can also live in hot environments. As soon as it comes in contact with water, this adult becomes a dangerous mosquito. Dengue disease is very common during the monsoon season. Some symptoms and easy tips are being told to get rid of it.

Symptoms of Dengue
High fever, headache, body ache, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, eye pain, fatigue, lethargy, knee pain, red spots in the body, blood from the nose are all the symptoms of dengue.

How to increase platelets?

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Goat’s milk- Goat’s milk has many medicinal properties, which cures dengue fever quickly. Cow’s milk takes 8 hours to digest whereas goat’s milk is digested in just 20 minutes. Therefore its consumption is also good for digestion.

Coconut water- Drink more coconut water to get rid of dengue fever. The nutrients present in it like minerals and electrolytes help in strengthening the body.

Basil- Boiling 10-12 basil leaves and two grams of black pepper in water is also beneficial. Boil it, cool it and drink it four to five times a day. This increases the immunity of your body.

Beet and Carrot- Mix three to four spoons of beetroot juice in a glass of carrot juice and give it to the dengue patient to drink. It rapidly increases the number of blood cells.

Papaya Leaves- The juice of papaya leaves not only increases blood cells but also helps in removing pain, weakness and fatigue from the body. You can also grind its leaves or boil the leaves in water and drink it as a drink.

Turmeric Milk- Turmeric milk is not only beneficial for quick wound healing but is also effective in providing instant relief from dengue fever. For effective results, drink half a teaspoon of turmeric mixed with lukewarm milk.

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