Health Tips: These are the best foods for people who have crossed the age of 50

The nutritional value also increases with age. What you eat during this time is very important. Our body is made up of food, digestion and absorption, which means to regenerate, strengthen and replenish your body. So the natural question arises that which food is the best? Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan has given some food-related tips on stepping into the age of 50. Nutrition-rich food should be included in your daily diet.

Egg – It is the cheapest and easily available animal protein. It is considered as the pure super food of nature. Apart from protein, eggs contain essential nutrients which are an option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts as well. Egg whites contain 60 percent animal protein, while the yolk contains healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Most people fear eggs because of the fat, but there is no evidence that the cholesterol and fat obtained from eggs affect health in a negative way. Eggs can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even when you are hungry.

Mutton, Chicken, Seafood – Dietary proteins are the building blocks of our body. Animal protein is easily digestible in the form of protein for humans. There is no reason to fear even red meat. The stearic acid in red meat can actually help you lose weight as it signals the body to burn more fat. Dark chicken is high in vitamin K2 and chicken skin contains collagen which is good for your body. Seafood like pomfret, shrimp is not only a good source of protein but also omega-3 fatty acids are found which are anti-inflammatory in nature. If you want your body to repair and recover, then it is necessary for you to include animal protein in your diet daily.

Ghee, Butter and Coconut oil – The importance of ghee is obvious for health, skin and hair. Canola oil, groundnut, soybean, safflower, mustard, sesame, cottonseed, palm oil and corn oil have pro-inflammatory conditions when used. You don’t want definite swelling as you age. Ghee, butter and coconut oil are free of inflammatory compounds. These fats, essential as you age, also help to make your skin glow, make it soft and youthful. Diets rich in saturated fats also prevent hormone imbalances as most hormones depend on cholesterol.

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