Health Tips: Troubled by the problem of flatulence, include this food in your diet to get rid of it

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To stay healthy and fit, it is very important to have a fit stomach. But irregular lifestyle often creates some problem in the stomach. The biggest problem among them is bloating of the stomach. Many people often complain of flatulence. Even after several hours of eating food, the stomach remains heavy. For many, the stomach feels heavy without eating.

In this condition, the stomach also appears more bloated than usual. According to doctors, this happens because the gastrointestinal tract is completely swelled up by air. In some cases, it can be due to acidity, constipation, filling of air in the stomach and periods.

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There are a few medical conditions that cause these problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, liver disease and infections. However, sometimes there are cases when there is no reason for this disease. Along with bloating, there may also be a problem of abdominal pain. Apart from this, burping also starts happening.

It is important to identify digestible food
According to the news published in an English newspaper, nutritionist and diet advisor Jyothika Dewan says, when you do not eat food on time or eat wrong food, then the problem of bloating comes. We have to keep in mind that it takes 4 to 6 hours for the food to empty from the stomach. If you want to get rid of the problem of bloating, then first of all you have to pay attention to the gap between meals.

Apart from this, we also have to pay attention to how much time it takes to digest which food. That is, the difference between digestible and indigestible food has to be caught. Mixed diet, complex food, fatty food etc. take more time to digest. On the other hand, liquid food and small granules are digested quickly. In such a situation, it is important for us to know which food increases the problem of bloating and what kind of food can get rid of bloating.

Blotting should stay away from such food
Such a thing which has high amount of sugar, one should stay away from it. Apart from this, cabbage, cabbage, radish, artificial sweetener should be avoided in case of bloating. Reducing the amount of sugar, starch and wheat flour in the food is beneficial in blotting. Apart from this, whatever vegetable you eat, it should be well cooked.

Food that can get rid of the problem of bloating

Pineapple, Papaya and Kiwi
To reduce bloating, it is beneficial to consume such food which helps in digesting protein, starchy fat quickly. Digestive enzymes are found in pineapple, papaya and kiwi, which naturally remove the problem of indigestion. Kiwi activates the gastric juices thereby speeding up the digestion process. Papaya works to break down proteins quickly.

Unripe Banana
We all know that banana is rich in potassium. It prevents the formation of sodium gas inside the stomach. Apart from this, it also reduces the inflammation of the intestine. Raw banana is also a good probiotic which helps in increasing the good bacteria in the gut.

Many types of fermented food such as curd, kanji, carrot juice, buttermilk etc. are good probiotics. Probiotics helps in increasing the good bacteria in the gut. This strengthens the digestive power.

Apple Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar breaks down the food faster in the stomach. It strengthens the acid in the stomach, which causes the food to break down faster.

Oregano and Cumin tea
Tea of ​​carom seeds and cumin seeds proves to be helpful in cleaning the stomach. It increases the rate of metabolism and relieves many types of stomach problems.


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