Honey Sing: Honey Singh denies wife’s allegations as false, says- ‘I am sad but have full faith in law’


Recently, his wife Shalini Singh had filed a case of domestic violence against Bollywood rapper Honey Singh, making serious allegations. At the same time, Honey Singh, who has remained silent on the matter till now, has issued a statement. He has denied all the allegations of his wife as false.

Let us tell you, Honey Singh has issued a statement on his social media account. In this statement, he said, “All the allegations made by my wife Shalini Singh are completely false. I am deeply saddened by these allegations. I have never given a public statement before today. From my lyrics to my health earlier. Various things have happened many times but I have never commented on any matter. But this time I thought it necessary to give a statement because my family members along with me have been involved in the allegations. He further said that all the allegations by the wife are completely baseless.

At the same time, Honey Singh said about his relationship with his wife that, “I have been associated with this industry for the last 15 years. Many artists, musicians associated with this industry are my special friends. They all know that my relationship is with my wife.” How has it been. I reject all the allegations made by Shalini as baseless.” At the same time, he said, “Now I will not say anything more on this matter. The matter is in the court and I have full faith in the law. The truth will come before the people soon.”



Honey Singh, completing his point, further said that, “I appeal to all my fans not to reach the conclusion of the matter without knowing anything.” He also thanked his fans who gave courage and supported him during this time. Let us tell you, Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Singh had accused him of domestic violence in the past and also made serious allegations against his family members.

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