Horoscope 2 October 2022: The fate of these zodiac signs will shine like the sun on the seventh day of Navratri

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Horoscope 2 October 2022 : A total of 12 zodiac signs have been described in Vedic astrology. Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet. by the movement of the planets Horoscope is assessed. 2nd October 2022 is Sunday.

Sunday is dedicated to the Sun God. On this day, the Sun God is worshiped by law and order. Fifth note of musical scale. Know which zodiac signs will benefit on 2 October 2022 and which zodiac signs will have to be careful.

Read the condition from Aries to Pisces…

Aries – You will remain very mighty. Your bravery will lead to success. There is a good situation in industry-business-job. Love status is good. From the business point of view, it will continue to be good.

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Taurus – The situation is fine but domestic life will be slightly disrupted. There may be trouble in the health of the mother. There may be a disturbance in the purchase of land, building, vehicle. There is a possibility of chest disorder. The situation in love and business is good. Keep on worshiping Lord Shiva.

Gemini – The opponents will prevail. The stalled work will go on. Health will remain soft and warm. Love and business will continue to run in good condition. Keep worshiping Maa Kali. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Cancer – Pay attention to children’s health. There is a sign of Tu-Tu, Main-I in love. Spend time in writing and reading, but do not take any new training or admission in a new place right now. Do not take any decision with emotional mind. Health, love, business will continue. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Leo sun sign – The speech should not be uncontrollable. You may suffer from oral diseases. Health is mediocre. Love and business will go on well. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Virgo – Health will remain soft and warm. There will be some reaction inside the body, due to which your hormonal imbalance can occur. There will be newness in the state of health, love. It is in good shape from business point of view. Donate yellow item.

Libra – Suddenly the mind will be disturbed. Eye pain, headache may be a problem. The mind will be troubled by the excess of expenditure. Health medium, love status is good. Your business will continue to run well. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Scorpio zodiac – Have recovered from the risk but there is a possibility of trouble in the journey. There will be fear of being humiliated. Health is fine, love situation is good, business will also go on well. Keep worshiping Ganesh ji.

Sagittarius – Business conditions are good. Might have to struggle a bit. Pay attention to your father’s health. Avoid courtroom. Health is mediocre. Love status is good. Business also seems to be going well. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Capricorn – It’s a risky time. Injury may occur. You can get into some trouble. Cross a little bit. Health is the medium, love is the medium. It is doing well from business point of view. Worship Maa Kali. Offer white things in the temple of Maa Kali. will be good.

Aquarius – There will be an expected increase in income. You will get misleading news. Travel will be painful. Health is fine. Love status is good. Business will go on well. Worship Kaal Bhairav.

Pisces – Pay attention to the health of you and your spouse. Looks impressed. Don’t start a new job just yet. Don’t mess with the government machinery. Be fully optimistic about income. Income will continue to be good. Offer water to the sun god. Donate green things.

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