Horoscope Today 19 November 2022: The position of the planets is auspicious, people of Aries, Cancer and Virgo will celebrate

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Position of Planets – Rahu is in Aries. Mars is in retrograde state in Taurus. Moon has entered Virgo. Ketu is moving in Libra and Sun, Mercury and Venus are moving in Scorpio. Shani is sitting in Capricorn. Jupiter is retrograde and transiting in Pisces.

Horoscope Today 19 November 2022 –

Aries – Your dominance over the enemies will remain intact. Enemies will not dare to face you. Your health will be soft. The condition of the love-child side is moderate. Your business will continue to run well. Keep the red object nearby.

Taurus – Don’t take any decision by getting carried away by emotions. There are signs of tu-tu-me-me in love. Pay attention to the health of children. Spend time reading and writing. Health will be good. The condition of love and children will be fine. Business will go on well. Donate red things.

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Gemini – Purchase of land-building and vehicle is possible, but there are signs of domestic dispute. You-tu-me-me can become victims among themselves. The health condition will be soft-hot. The condition of children and love side is good. Your business will also continue to do well. Donate red things.

Cancer – There is a possibility of getting professional success. Health will be better than before. The condition of love and children will be moderate. Business will also be moderate. Keep saluting Bajrangbali. Health will improve already. The condition of love and children is better than before. Your business is going well. Avoid investing. It will be beneficial to keep a copper item nearby.

Leo – The arrival of money will increase. Income will increase but avoid investing. Health is fine. The condition of love and child side is good. Business is also good. Worship Hanuman ji.

Virgo – Will remain the center of attraction. Will remain a symbol of auspiciousness. Whatever is needed, that thing will be available in life. Health, love and business are looking excellent. Keep worshiping Ganesha.

Libra – Worrying world is being created. The mind will be troubled. Excess of expenditure will trouble the mind. Health will be moderate as headache and eye pain etc. will bother you. Unknown fear will haunt you. Love, children and business will go on well. Donate red things.

Scorpio – Economic matters will be resolved. Good news can be found. There will be benefit in travel. Health will be moderate. Love, children and business are looking very good. Keep the yellow thing close by.

Sagittarius The government will get the support of the ruling party. High officials will be happy. Health is a bit moderate. The condition of children and love is moderate. But from a business point of view this will be called auspicious time. Keep the red object nearby.

Capricorn – Health will be good. Love and child side will be good. There will be benefit in travel. Luckily some work will be done. Good times are visible. Keep green things nearby.

Aquarius – Health is moderate. Injuries can happen. Can get into some trouble. Circumstances are unfavorable. The situation of love and children is also moderate. Business will do almost fine. Keep worshiping Ganesha.

Pisces Will get full support of life partner. Lover-girlfriend will meet. Child side will also be good. Love and health will be excellent. Donate green things.

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