Horoscope Today 20 November 2022: The sleeping fortune of these 5 zodiac signs will wake up, strong combination of money and profit, read today’s horoscope

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Position of planets – Rahu is moving in Aries, Mars in retrograde in Taurus, Moon in Virgo, Ketu in Libra, Sun, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, Saturn in Capricorn and retrograde Jupiter in Pisces.

Horoscope Today 20 November 2022

AriesShatruhanta Yoga is being created. Opponents will be defeated. Stopped work will go on. Will get the blessings of elders. Health will be moderate. Love-child is also moderate. Pay attention to the health of children. The condition of husband and wife is good. There can be separation between lover and girlfriend. Your business will continue to run well. Keep giving water to the sun.

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Taurus Possible in emotional relationships. The child side may disobey orders, or will be worried about their health. Health better than before. Love-child medium. Auspicious time from business point of view. There can be noise in the house. Keep the green thing with you.

Gemini- There will be an increase in intellectual happiness and wealth. Shopping of household items is possible. Health soft-hot. The condition of love-child is almost fine. Auspicious time from business point of view. Home – avoid discord. Donate red things.

Cancer – Plans will be fruitful. The effort made will be meaningful. Business progress is visible. There is improvement in health. Love-child is moderate. Keep the red object nearby.

Leo sun sign- Control your tongue. Due to excessive speaking, there may be a little saying in the family. Will say something that no one will like. Avoid spending. Health is fine. Love-child is good. Business is also looking fine. Donate green things.

Virgo- Will be appreciated in the society. You will have stature. Social, economic, commercial. Love – The condition of the child is good. Business is also looking very good. Almost whatever you want will happen. Keep saluting Shani Dev.

Libra – The mind will be afflicted by unknown fear. Health is fine. Love- the condition of the child is good. Good business too. Even then the mind will not be happy. Keep green things nearby.

Scorpio – The sum of travel is being made. Travel will be business. Health will be moderate. Love – The condition of the child is good. business is good. Economic matters will be resolved and strengthened. Keep the yellow thing close by.

Sagittarius- There will be business expansion. There will be victory in the court. Health will be almost fine. The condition of love-child is a bit moderate. business is good. Donate green things.

Capricorn- Luckily some work will be done. Stopped work will go on. There will be benefit in travel. Will remain religious. Health is good. Love-child is also good. Business is also good. Salute Lord Ganesha.

Aquarius- Circumstances are unfavorable. Pass the time with little escape. Be careful while driving. Don’t drive fast. health medium. Love child medium. Business will be almost fine. Keep green things nearby.

Pisces- Will get full support of life partner. There will also be full cooperation of high officials. Health soft-hot. The condition of love-child is very good. Business will also be very good. Will remain colorful. Will feel like a holiday. – Marriage can be fixed. Good time Donate green things.

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