Horoscope Today 26 July 2022: There is a possibility of progress of these zodiac signs including Aries, these zodiac signs including Scorpio should be careful

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Planetary Position – Mars and Rahu are in Aries. Venus and Moon are in Gemini. Sun and Mercury are in Cancer. Ketu is in Libra. Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. Jupiter is transiting in Pisces.

Horoscope Today 26 July 2022 –

Aries –

Power will pay off. He seems to be making progress in life. Pay attention to health. The situation of love and children will be good. This is an auspicious time from business point of view. Donate black things, it will be good.


Money flow will increase. There will be an increase in kinsmen. Speech will work. Health, love, business is very good. Avoid investing capital. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.


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Will look very attractive. Whatever is needed will be available. People will be inclined towards you. Very auspicious. Health, love, business are great. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.


Health will remain soft and warm. There will be expenditure on fashion etc. The expenditure will be so much that there may be a situation of debt. Spend carefully. The position of love and children is medium. It will be called auspicious time from business point of view. It will be good for you to donate white things.


The stalled work will go on. Has given money to someone. If you try to take it back then you will get it. New sources of income can also be created. It is possible to get good news. Love and children need attention. Offer water to the sun god. Will be fine.


Business will increase. It is a very auspicious time for those working in the field of fashion. There are signs of victory in the court. Looks like a good time. There is a great time in matters of health, love, business. Keep the green thing close by.


The risk has been overcome. He seems to be making progress in life. Travel will be beneficial. Remain religious. Health, love, business are great. Pay attention to children’s health. Keep worshiping Shani Dev.


It’s a risky time. Injury may occur. You can get into some trouble. The finger can be raised in the opposite sex relationship. pay attention. If you are a patient of sugar, then pay more attention. If there is a problem related to urine, then definitely seek medical advice. This can be a bit of a hassle. Donating green things will be good for you.

Sagittarius –

It’s a very good time. New love will arrive. The ongoing trouble will go away. It’s a pleasant time. Can start new business. Health, love, business are looking towards success. Donate green things.


Enemies will prevail. Health will remain soft. Enemies will also try to be friends. The stalled work will go on. There is a happy situation for love, children and business. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.


Don’t take any decision based on emotions. It is a pleasant time for the students. It is a good time especially for commerce students. The rest would be called a pleasant time from every point of view. Keep the green thing close by.


Purchase of land, building, vehicle is possible. There will be an increase in material wealth. There is a pleasant atmosphere. Celebrations will be held at home. It is possible for love to reach home. Health, love, business is looking amazing. You can get some happy news from the children or if your child is studying outside or doing some work, then his homecoming is visible. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

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